I am Home

4 years ago I started blogging and since then I have tried to keep up and manage 2 blog pages: caribbean2world and coffee2world.  It was a challenge to manage two entirely different blogs. One was about social, marketing, culture and personal items and the other about drinking coffee, the brands, logos etc.

I have read and educated myself about personal branding, tribal marketing and other topics that helped me along the way. The advice and directionals varied quite a bit, but I still believe in being yourself is the strongest form of personal branding. Of course one needs to be conscious about what you post, as it is susceptible to interpretation by readers and followers. Nevertheless, the red thread was that your passion and dreams/goals are the most important items to consider when journeying your life adventure. Whether this is personal or professional, it all boils down to the same things.

As part of my journey of discovery (which will end the day I pass away), I went through some coaching sessions. Initially these were strictly professional. But this coach was special, in the sense that he believes that everything is interlinked somehow, and therefore dove into both my personal and professional situation. One of the discoveries was that, based on my past, culture of where i was brought up and current attitude, I was too modest. This modesty is not necessarily negative, but it was a blockade to my professional growth. It did get me partially to where I am now, and served me well. Now, I need to go to the next level, because that is what I want to and what I feel I need to do to become the best that I can be. So there…..I am embracing the Tirso Tromp “brand”. http://www.tirsotromp.com is my new home.

In my bio you can see what I am all about and the value I can add to you or your business.

I am uploading past blogposts onto this current one, as I think they are still relevant. And they will help y SEO ; )

I am home, and ready for the next adventures….


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