Images from the Caribbean to the world: Mexico (Riviera Maya)

Part 3 of my posts providing inspiration for your next caribbean holiday is Mexico. In my previous blog   “Caribbean is also part of a continent…” I initiated a discussion if Mexico can be considered part of the Caribbean. I feel that the east coast with especially Playa del Carmen and Cancun can. I have been there myself and there are elements that definitely link them to the Caribbean. Especially landscape wise. Maybe these images can help you establish your opinion. Regardless, it is a beautiful destination.

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(originally posted on March 13, 2014)

Cancun Beach Mexico
Cancun beach

Beach at Tulum Mayan Ruin city Mexico
Beach at Tulum
Tulum Mayan city Mexico
Beach at Tulum Mexico
Beach at Tulum

Mexican Lucha Libre masks

Street scene in Valladolid Mexico
Valladolid Mexico

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