Self reflections.

In part 1 of myself reflection journey I go back to my roots. Trying to understand where I came from, and what formed me. When looking back consciously at past events, perhaps I will understand my current situation better. And I might be able to navigate the sea of doubt I am currently in and get a clear vision of where I am supposed to be going.

Adding value can help save Tourism and make destinations futureproof– How applying scarcity can drive revenue and profit in Tourism

With over tourism as a rising trend this article explores some strategic options for destinations to deal with this in a positive way.

The Dutch (Caribbean) Kingdom and 10-10-10

The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of 4 countries

Are Caribbean professionals longing for home….?

(My best read blog so far, originally posted on August 12th, 2010) The Caribbean.....sounds like a dream destination to live and work. At least that is what everyone I meet tells me. "Why are you living in Europe?" is one of the classic returning questions I constantly get. Well, other than promoting my Home Island … Continue reading Are Caribbean professionals longing for home….?

Images from the Caribbean to the world: Mexico (Riviera Maya)

Part 3 of my posts providing inspiration for your next caribbean holiday is Mexico. In my previous blog   "Caribbean is also part of a continent…" I initiated a discussion if Mexico can be considered part of the Caribbean. I feel that the east coast with especially Playa del Carmen and Cancun can. I have … Continue reading Images from the Caribbean to the world: Mexico (Riviera Maya)