Jordan vs Barkley 1993

Rooting for the underdog – a debunked theory after watching Last Dance

Currently everyone is looking at the ESPN documentary "Last Dance".  I was fortunate enough to have witnessed that era, and I have watched most of those seasons and championship finales live. The first one I watched completely was the 1991-92 season and final. Ever since I always rooted for the team trying to beat the … Continue reading Rooting for the underdog – a debunked theory after watching Last Dance

5 leadership skills from the movie: Fury

One of my favorite movies of the past couple of years is Fury. It is based on true events in World War 2. For those who have not seen it or do not know it, it's a movie about a tank crew lead by Don "wardaddy" Collier (played by Brad Pitt). They operate in the … Continue reading 5 leadership skills from the movie: Fury

The simplicity of power to the people. 10 simple solutions to difficult global problems

-Disclaimer- do not take this article too serious Climate change, low wages , inequality..... These are just some of the issues we are confronted with in these days. You cannot avoid these issues and topics these days. You see and hear it everywhere: traditional media, social media & office coffee corner chats. Celebrities and influencers … Continue reading The simplicity of power to the people. 10 simple solutions to difficult global problems

Adding value can help save Tourism and make destinations futureproof– How applying scarcity can drive revenue and profit in Tourism

With over tourism as a rising trend this article explores some strategic options for destinations to deal with this in a positive way.

Influencer marketing in Travel. 4 tips towards a win-win collaboration between influencers and Destinations

For the last 4 years the traditional press trips to destinations have been replaced by influencer trips. This entails bloggers, vloggers and influencers/celebrities (I will refer to all as influencers in the rest of this article) travelling to destinations to promote these. In the past it was a journalist writing for a print paper or magazine. For the latter, the editorial or commercial department would negotiate the details with the Destination marketing organisation or DMO (tourist boards/offices). The ROI was calculated in a simple investment from the DMO versus the media value the article(s) would generate. Nowadays, the media value is a bit trickier to calculate. Up to now, there is no general or global formula to determine the exact monetary value of a blog, blog or collection of posts on social media.

4 steps on how History can boost your destination marketing

How can history help you market a destination through authenticity and storytelling

Blockchain in the Travel Industry. 2 examples and some points to consider

2 examples of how blockchain can impact the travel industry

Can you avoid the middle-man by using blockchain technology? Or is it beyond your reach?

Blockchain technology is an electronic ledger. The uniqueness is that it is a de-centralized ledger and therefore more transparent and secure. Blockchain technology can be used to transfer items of value (whatever they may be, you decide) in a more secure manner and without the help of a third party who charges transaction fees