Jordan vs Barkley 1993

Rooting for the underdog – a debunked theory after watching Last Dance

Currently everyone is looking at the ESPN documentary "Last Dance".  I was fortunate enough to have witnessed that era, and I have watched most of those seasons and championship finales live. The first one I watched completely was the 1991-92 season and final. Ever since I always rooted for the team trying to beat the … Continue reading Rooting for the underdog – a debunked theory after watching Last Dance


Influencer marketing in Travel. 4 tips towards a win-win collaboration between influencers and Destinations

For the last 4 years the traditional press trips to destinations have been replaced by influencer trips. This entails bloggers, vloggers and influencers/celebrities (I will refer to all as influencers in the rest of this article) travelling to destinations to promote these. In the past it was a journalist writing for a print paper or magazine. For the latter, the editorial or commercial department would negotiate the details with the Destination marketing organisation or DMO (tourist boards/offices). The ROI was calculated in a simple investment from the DMO versus the media value the article(s) would generate. Nowadays, the media value is a bit trickier to calculate. Up to now, there is no general or global formula to determine the exact monetary value of a blog, blog or collection of posts on social media.